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Stop Project Paperless: Ending Patent Trolling | Are Copier Companies Liable?

Are Copier Companies Liable?

We think so!  Steven G. Hill goes out of his way in his complaints to say: “to be clear, Plaintiff is not arguing that IP scanning equipment alone infringes any patent rights.”  Why does he do this?   If you were Steven G. Hill, would you want to fight the deep pockets of the likes of Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, and all the others?  So, instead of making the scanner itself the issue, Steven G. Hill and Project Paperless LLC claim it is the scanner PLUS the network PLUS the email system.  But look if you look at what little of the patent actually makes any sense, it seems to spend lots of words on the scanner functionality and not much at all on the network.

Therefore, we believe the scanner companies have a huge role to play.  Look at the manual for your printer/copier/scanner.  There’s a page in it that directs you to connect the scanner to your email system.  Do you see any warning saying if you do this you will have to pay Steven G. Hill $100,000 in licensing fees?   We thought not.

You can contact the manufacturer of your scanner and hold them responsible.  Demand they cover your legal fees and defend you in court.   If you have a case in court, consider bringing them in as third party defendants.   In the future, we will post the names of folks to contact at the major manufacturers.  Stay tuned!